The Bueth Residence

The Bueth residence, designed by Principal Zoltan E. Pali of SPF Architects, offers panoramic views of Los Angeles and provides an open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining.  Built on a hilly terrain, the structure’s upper level is clad in teak panels and sits atop a glass-enclosed main floor.  The entire style of the home is built in a way that maximizes the views.  There are 4-levels to this home, which include 4 bedrooms and 6 baths. Plus the following luxuries: a screening room, home gym, wine cellar, billiard room, and of course… a disco lounge with a DJ booth and a full bar.

Architect: Zoltan E. Pali
Building: The Bueth (single-family residence)
Style: Modern
Built: 1996
Square Footage:  8,751
Lot Size: 0.43 acres




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