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Newly Renovated: Petersen Automotive Museum in LA (Miracle Mile)

Architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox has completed its facade renovation of the Petersen Automotive Museum; also adding an extra 1400 square meters of exhibition space for the museum’s growing collection.  KPF design principal Trent Tesch commented “The design offers an abstract veil of flowing ribbons, meant to invoke not only the spirit of the automobile, but also the spirit of Los Angeles architectural culture.” These “ribbons” made out of angel hair stainless steel on the front and top, and red painted aluminum on the back and bottom, flow over and wrap the building. Acting as beams that support their own weight, the design evokes the feeling of speed and movement, sitting atop the existing structural system much like the body of a car mounts to its frame. This modern and space age architecture, known as “Googie“, is characterized by upswept roofs, curvaceous shapes, and bold use of glass, steel, and neon. This style of architecture is influenced by car culture, suburban life, and the Atomic age.

To Do:  Car Museum
Building: Petersen Automotive Museum
Architect (Facade Reno): Kohn Pedersen Fox
Style: Googie
Museum Established: 1994, with Facade Renovation in 2015
Collection: 25 galleries with over 100 vehicles on display
Square Footage:  100,000+

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Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles – Kohn Pedersen FoxPeterson_2Peterson_3

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